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   Ciera's School Photos

   Ciera's Soccer Team Photos

   Ciera Attends an Oakland Raider Game

   Ciera's Halloween Day

   Ciera Attends a Birthday Party at Pump It Up

   Ciera's Fifth Week of Soccer

   Ciera's Fourth Week of Soccer

   Ciera's Third Week of Soccer

   Ciera's Second Week of Soccer

   Ciera's soccer team has a website
   Ciera's First Soccer Game (the bordered photos are movies)

   Ciera Taking Swim Lessons

   Miscellaneous photos of Ciera

   Ciera's Swim Lessons

   Ciera's School Photos

   Ciera's School Bar-B-Que

   Ciera in the Hospital

   Ciera Takes Swim Lessons

   Ciera in Beauty & the Beast Play
   Ciera with Mom the Day Before Summer's Birth

   Ciera Celebrates Her Fourth Birthday at Pump It Up

   Ciera's School Photos

   An Evening at the San Jose Giants

   An Evening with Ciera at Home

   Ciera is getting a haircut

   Ciera is Face Painted

   Easter Egg Hunt at Ciera's School

   Tuesday Afternoons at Jake's Park
   Ciera and Grandma Decorate Cupcakes