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   Ciera's School Christmas Play

   Ciera and Summer Visiting Santa at Their School

   Ciera's Soccer Photos

   Ciera's School Photos

   Ciera Receives Student of the Month Award

   Ciera's Soccer Photos

   Ciera Lost Her First Tooth

   Ciera on the Soccer Field

   Various Photos of Ciera

   Ciera is Back on the Soccer Field

   School Must Be Very Tiring

   Ciera and Colby at School

   Photo Shoot for Summer's First Birthday

   Ciera's Fifth Birthday Party at Fowler Park
   Ciera in Alice in Wonderland Play
   Ciera's Graduation from Junior Kindergarten
   A Sunday Afternoon at Grandmas

   Ciera and Summer Visit Grandmas

   Ciera's School T-Ball Photos

   Ciera's School T-Ball Photos

   Ciera's School Photos


   Ciera is Playing T-Ball