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   Christmas photos of Ciera and Summer

   Ciera and Grandma

   Ciera's school Christmas performance

   Ciera and Colby at the Los Gatos parade

   Ciera performing at her school's tree lighting and charity event

   Ciera's classroom photos

   Ciera's soccer photos

   Ciera performing at Christmas at the Park

   Ciera playing soccer

   Ciera playing soccer

   Ciera playing soccer

   A self portrait of Ciera

   Ciera's school photos

   Ciera cheerleading prior to a Sabercats game

   Ciera finished second in a hula hoop contest at her school's end of year party

The warmup
I didn't get the finish
   Ciera visits San Francisco with Grandma Stephanie

   Ciera's school photo

   Ciera playing soccer

   Ciera with Summer and Danielle on the teeter totter

   Ciera playing soccer

   Ciera's cheerleader photos

   Ciera's Final 49er cheerleader routine

   Ciera and friends

   Ciera's 49er cheerleader routines without music or teacher

   Ciera's Valentine wish

   Ciera's 49er cheerleader routines

   Ciera is a 49er cheerleader