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   Ultrasound Photos at 4 months

 It's a GIRL!!

   Danielle Lee Dunn was born at 10:04pm on May 29, 2007; 6lbs 14oz and 19" long.

   Danielle's Second Day
   Danielle Lee Dunn celebrates four days old at her grandparents house

   Danielle visits with Ciera and grandparents

   Danielle helps celebrate Ciera's 3rd Birthday

   Danielle at one month old visits her grandparents so that Mom and Dad have an evening to themselves

   Jodi, Rich, Taylor and Justin Visit Danielle

   Danielle visits Nicolas and Ciera at their grandparent's house

   Danielle Visits Grandpa Jerry
The last photo is a movie
   Grandpa trying to get a smile at 12 weeks

   Danielle goes to coffee with her grandparents

   Danielle Visits Grandpa Jerry

   Danielle at Ciera's First Soccer Game

   Danielle Continues to Visit Grandpa Jerry

   Danielle at Pizza Parlor after Ciera's Soccer

   Danielle and Heidi Visit Nicolas

   Danielle Visits with Grandparents Dunn
   Danielle Visits with Grandparents and Ciera

   Halloween Photos at Home

   Danielle Visits Grandparents

   Danielle Family Christmas Photos
   Thanksgiving in Roseville
   The Gangwish Christmas House

   Danielle and Ciera with Santa