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The FAMILY consists of a combination of two families. Jerry was married to Joyce on June 21, 1997. Jerry is retired from an aerospace company and plays and works on the computer. Joyce is a real estate appraiser for her own company.

Jerry has a son, Kevin, and a daughter, Heidi.

  • Kevin married Lila in September, 2000. Kevin graduated from UC Santa Barbara and now works for a dotcom in Redwood City where they bought Kevin's grandmother's house. Lila replaced working as an interior designer to become a mother of Nicolas and Tyler.
  • Heidi married Dan in March, 2005 and live in the area. Heidi is an aspiring artist and works half-time plus in the office of a plumbing company in the area to manage motherhood of Danielle. Dan is a certified real estate appraiser and works with Joyce.

Joyce has three sons, Colby, Bryan and Barry.

  • Colby and Courtney were married in July, 1996 and bought a new house in the area; Colby and Courtney graduated from UC Santa Barbara and Colby received a law degree from Santa Clara University and is a corporate lawyer. Courtney works as a recruiter and became a mother of Ciera and Summer.
  • Bryan graduated from Long Beach State with an English major. Bryan is a certified real estate appraiser and also works with Joyce. Bryan and Shannon were married in August, 2006. Shannon graduated from San Jose State and is a teacher for a private school. Bryan and Shannon live in the area and are parents of Jake and Mason.
  • Barry graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder majoring in Architecture after a remarkable recovery in the summer of 2001 from a Severe Head Injury. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania graduate program in Architecture and is now working for an architectural firm in Southern California. He presently is engaged to Tasia and is to be married in June, 2018. Tasia works as a radiology technician at UCLA.

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