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   Jake Visits with Summer and Danielle

   Jumpin' Jake

   Jake at the Pumpkin Patch

   Jake's Halloween Photos at Six Months

   Jake at Danielle's Morning at Grandpas

   Jake at Three Months

   Jake Visits Grandma Joyce

   Some more photos of Jake

   Jake in the Waiting Room of Summer's Birth

   Jake's Second Month

   Jake's Fourth Week
   Jake's Third Week

   Jake's Second Week
   Jake's Fourth and Fifth Days
   Jake Enjoys Dad's 33rd Birthday

   Jake's Third Day
   Jake's Second Day
   Jake's First Day
Uncle Barry's depiction of Jake's arrival and Da Vinci art lovers
   And his name will be JAKE
   IT'S A BOY!
   Ultrasound photos at three months

   Ultrasound photos at almost two months