Last Update: 02/22/09

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a week at the Grand Mayan with Colby, Courtney, Ciera, Stephany and Barclay in January
  • Jake arrived April 5th, weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and 20in long
  • Danielle celebrates her first birthday in May
  • Ciera celebrates her fourth birthday at a Pump It Up party in June
  • Jerry and Joyce attend Karen Sue's high school graduation in June
  • Summer arrived June 23rd, weighing in at 7lbs 13.6oz and 19.5in long
  • Tyler arrived July 11th, weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long
  • Joyce and Jerry spent over a week in Kauai with Rick, Lorraine, Dave and Evelyn in October


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   Christmas at the Gibsons
   Christmas Morning with Ciera and Summer

   Christmas Morning in Redwood City
   Christmas Eve at the Romeros
   Christmas Cookie Decorating

   Family Outing at Ciera's School Christmas Play

   Amador City Weekend
   Christmas Tree Cutting
   Thanksgiving Celebration at the Gartin House
   Kevin & Nicolas Attend a 49er Tailgate & Game
   49ers Tailgate Party vs Seattle

   First Three Days in Kauai
   Next Two Days in Kauai
   Last Five Days in Kauai
   Early Celebration of Joyce's Birthday
   First Day of Disneyland Trip
   Second Day of Disneyland Trip
   Dan's 37th Birthday
   Birthdays at ASRC
   Jerry's Birthday BBQ
   Saturday Morning with Family

   Fourth of July at Lake Tahoe
   Tyler's Second Day
   Tyler's First Day
   Summer's Sixth Day
   Summer's Fourth Day
   Summer's Third Day
   Summer's First Day
   Lila's Shower for Tyler
   Karen's High School Graduation
   Ciera Celebrates Her Fourth Birthday
   Courtney's Summer Shower Party
   Danielle's First Birthday
   Colby, Courtney, Ciera, Joyce and I visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

   Sherry, Forrest, Joyce and I visited Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Photo taken of Sherry and I on the Double Shot at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
   Ciera and Jake with Grandma

   Nicolas & Ciera at Stanford Center

   Mothers Day
   Family Walk at Pat's Run

   Nicolas and Ciera at School Fair
   Sunday Birthdays BBQ
   Bryan's 33rd Birthday
   Jake's Fourth and Fifth Days
   Jake's Third Day
   Jake's Second Day
   Jake's First Day
   Heidi and Danielle Visit Grandma Sharon
   Easter Egg Hunt at the Gibsons
   Family Weekend Dinner

   Shannon's Two Baby Showers
   Ciera and Grandma Decorate Cupcakes

   Sunday Brunch with the "Three"

   Cancun Grand Mayan Vacation