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The WHOLE family went to Kauai for a week in August. The family included: Joyce and I, Colby, Courtney and Ciera, Kevin, Lila and Nicolas, Heidi and Dan, Bryan and Shannon, Barry, and Rick and Lorraine. Everyone had a great time. We stayed at the Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy in Kapaa. You will notice that the focus of the pictures are more on the two grandkids rather than the Hawaiian landscape.

This is a slide show of the first two days which includes our first day flight and relaxation around the pool on the second day.

On the third day, Rooms 1305 and 1309 took a drive to the town of Hanalei and past to Kee Beach and back to the Princeville Resort. On our return, we then joined Room 1310 around the pool.

On the fourth day we travelled south to the Poipu area. First, we had breakfast at Joe's on the Green. We then went to the Spouting Horn. We drove past the Hyatt to visit a remote beach where a sea lion and her pup were residing. Then we traipsed through the Hyatt Resort which has one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. We proceeded to the Marriott Resort for lunch at Dukes Restaurant and toured the Marriott grounds. Our return back to Kauai Coast included some swimming and a bar-b-que.

Ciera was talking up a storm until the camera got turned on. Click on the picture for a short streaming video.

The morning of our fifth day
was set aside for family photos.

Before going to our special birthday dinner at the Pacific Cafe with all fifteen of us, Room 1309 relaxed for the day, Room 1310 toured Waimea Canyon and Room 1305 went into Poipu.

On the morning of our sixth day, Mt Waialeale was visible. It is touted as the wettest spot on Earth and is only visible a few days a year.

In the afternoon of the sixth day, five boats filled with 10 of us kayaked up the Wailua River past the Fern Grotto to a swimming hole where there was a cliff jump. We then kayaked up another fork for a hike to a hidden falls and another swimming hole.

Some miscellaneous pictures of the sixth and seventh days around the pool area