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Adventures with Bryan and Shannon


  Family at a Sharks game
 April/December Family photos


  Family photos

  Bryan in his first half marathon

  Bryan, Shannon, Jake and Mason in family photos

   Bryan and Shannon welcome a second baby boy, Mason Cade


Bryan and Shannon's family Christmas photo
   Bryan and Shannon welcome a new baby boy, Jake Talen

   Bryan and Shannon invited a few friends to dinner at their house

   Bryan/Shannon's Wedding Page
   Bryan celebrates his 31st birthday
   Bryan and Shannon enjoyed a Family Brunch at the Almaden County Club

   Bryan went on a Caribbean Cruise with three women, Shannon, Sherry and Kerry; Shannon's mom and sister
   These are two slide shows of Bryan's 30th Birthday Surprise Party and one slide show of his birthday celebration at the Gibson house. The first photo is a slide show of the surprise and the early activities. The second photo is a slide show of Bryan's Birthday. Thanks to Sherry for the majority of these photos.

   Bryan and Shannon at a 49er tailgate party

   Bryan and Shannon at Jimmy's wedding

   Bryan and Shannon enjoyed their vacation in Kauai

   Shannon with sister Kerry celebrated their graduation from their respective universities. Shannon graduated from San Jose State and Kerry graduated from UC Davis

   Bryan and Shannon visited Ciera

   Bryan rolled a 300 game while his teammates did not quite keep up with the pace. Congratulations Bryan!!

   There's a lot of photos of Bryan with this girl
Shannon Shannon Shannon
What's Up Bryan and Shannon?
Look what Bryan's mom dug up, a baby picture
Bryan baby

Did you know that Shannon was a cheerleader?

In remembrance of Quemoc

The three brothers celebrate Bryan's graduation (Dec 1997)

And watch Bryan jump at a track meet in 1995