Last Update: 3/14/19

Highlights for the year are:
  • We took a trip to Moab, Utah with Bill and Janice to tour the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
  • We took the Fun Train to Reno with Rick, Lorraine, Dan, Heidi, Dave and Evelyn
  • Joyce and I spent a week in Puerto Vallarta
  • Kevin and Lila moved into their grandmother's house
  • Heidi and Dan announced their engagement, the wedding is set for March 19th, 2005
  • Colby, Courtney, Ciera, Bryan, Shannon, Joyce and I spent July 4th in Lake Tahoe
  • The family went to Kauai for a week vacation
  • Kevin, Lila, Nicolas, Heidi, Joyce and I attended Madeline's 90th birthday in Carlsbad
  • Nicolas celebrated his first birthday


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   Sunday pizza at the Gibsons
   Dinner at PF Changs with the MacDonalds

   Colby/Courtney in Maui
   Ciera's ultrasound photos

   Pizza at Bryan's with Tony and Tracey

   Visit with Nicolas and with Aunt Sue and Great Grandma Jane

   Dan and Heidi's new dog, Merry

   Sunday brunch at the Gibsons
   Nicolas visits with Jerry and Joyce

   Visit to Moab, Utah
   Nicolas and Kyle Visit McDonalds
   Reno Fun Train
   Joyce visits Grandma Lorraine and Nicolas

   Nicolas and parents visit with Grandparent Gibsons
   Nicolas at 3-4 months old

   Kevin Celebrates his 33rd Birthday
   Bryan Celebrates his 29th Birthday
   Kevin/Lila Move-In
   Courtney's First Baby Shower
   Easter at the Gartin House
   Heidi's Birthday at the Dunn/Gibson House
   Courtney's Second Baby Shower
   Janice's Graduation Party
   Heidi and Dan announced to their dad their engagement on Mothers Day. The day was celebrated at the Gibson house with Heidi, Dan, Kevin, Lila, Nicolas, Colby, Courtney, Bryan, Shannon, Sherry, Kerry, Barry, Elaine, Dave, Rick and Lorraine. As usual Nicolas was the center of attention of the photographer.
   Nicolas Christening
   Ciera Arrives
   July 4th in Lake Tahoe
   Colby's 33rd Birthday
   Jerry's 63rd Birthday
   Trip to Ventura for 45th reunion
   Kauai Vacation
   Joyce's sisters and brother at an Andrus picnic

   Joyce's Birthday
   Nicolas's Halloween
   Madeline's 90th Birthday
   Nicolas First Birthday
   Christmas Activities