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   Ciera with Santa

   Ciera and Courtney have green noses

   Ciera and Summer Christmas photos

   Ciera in her Christmas programs

   Ciera with a blue macaw

   Ciera playing soccer goalie

   Ciera and Nicolas on a play day

   Ciera and Summer at a park

   Birthday photos of Ciera and Summer

   Ciera performing at her school's West Valley Dance Cat Showcase
   Ciera competing in a soccer tournament
   Ciera and Summer at the beach

   Ciera playing an infrequent soccer game

   Ciera's Dance Kats team took first place at the Rainbow competition

   Last weekend of Ciera cheerleading for the Cowboys

   And Ciera cheerleading again for the Cowboys

   Ciera cheerleading again for the Cowboys

   Ciera cheerleading for the Cowboys