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Highlights for the year are:
  • Ciera enters this world


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   Ciera's Ultrasound Photos

   Ciera's Second Ultrasound Pictures

   Well, the big day has occurred.
   CIERA was born at 5:29 am on June 15, 2004.
   She was 7 lb 8 oz and 20 inches long.
   Movie of Ciera's First Hours
   Ciera's Second & Third Days
   Ciera's Fourth Day
   Ciera Is Home
   Ciera is Getting Out with Nicolas
   Ciera Attends Shannon and Kerry's Grad Party
   Colby Home 1st Day of Work Away from Ciera
   Joyce Visits Ciera at Two Weeks
   Ciera Celebrates Fourth at Lake Tahoe
   Ciera at One Month with a Rash
   Ciera Celebrates Grandpa's Birthday
   Ciera at Two Months
   Ciera Vacations in Kauai with Family
   Colby's Photos of Ciera in Kauai
   Ciera at 2 1/2 Months
   Ciera at 3 Months
   Ciera Visits Grandma
   Ciera Visits Grandma at 4 Months
   Grandma Joyce Visits with Ciera
   Ciera Helps Grandma Celebrate Her Birthday
   Ciera Has a Sleepover at Grandma's
   Christmas is Approaching!
   Ciera Visits with Santa