Last Update: 03/18/13

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Hawaii vacation in April
  • Nicolas's first communion in May
  • Mason's first birthday in August
  • Nuevo Vallarta vacation in October


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   Day after Christmas with Danielle and family
   Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa's
   Christmas Eve at the Gartins

   Christmas cookie decorating
   Family dinner following Nicolas's Ragazzi performance

   Nicolas's 9th Birthday Party
   Thanksgiving dinner at the Gartins
   Christmas Tree Cutting in Santa Cruz Mountains
   Family Thanksgiving dinner
   Trick or Treating on Halloween night
   Nuevo Vallarta vacation
   Enjoying drinks at the Moss Beach Distillery

   Saturday afternoon bar-b-que
   Swimming at the Gartin pool

   Mason's 1st birthday party
   Salt Lake City visit
   Tyler's 4th birthday at the park
   The group on Tuesday morning

   Las Vegas Trip to MGM Grand Dance Contest
   Ciera and Summer Birthdays and Fathers Day
   Professional photos of the CPA performance

   Ciera and Summer performing in Little Mermaid
   Maryanne and Tim's Wedding
   Danielle's 5th birthday party at Golfland
   Southland trip to Santa Paula and Carlsbad
   Carnival at Nicolas's school
   Maryanne's Bridal Shower
   Mothers Day Brunch
   Jake's 4th Birthday Party
   Danielle and Jake at Kids Fishing

   Nicolas's First Communion
   We celebrated Heidi's birthday at the Outback Restaurant

   Hawaii Vacation
   Week early Easter celebration
   Kevin's birthday at the Elephant Bar
   Sunday brunch at the grandparent's house

   Grandparents day at Nicolas's and Tyler's school

   Tuesday morning with Ciera, Summer, Danielle, Jake and Mason
   Saturday morning

   Tailgate and Divisional Game vs New Orlean Saints