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   Visit to Santa Paula
  Joyce, I and Heidi visited Kevin and Lila's "new" house.
Family Family Kitchen Piano
  Snowed out ski trip to Lake Tahoe

   Reno Fun Train
  Valentine's Day at a Rotary luncheon

  Valentine's Day at the Gibsons

  Snowy weekend at Lake Tahoe

   Ande's wedding to Rob
   Tahoe Ski Trip
   Amerimac ski trip
   Kevin's 29th Birthday
  Bryan's 24th birthday

   Dad's 80th Birthday
   Heidi's 27th Birthday
  Sausalito trip with Bill and Janice

  Gunfight at Truckee

  Napa trip with the Cox's

   Barry's Birthday
   Fathers Day
   4th July weekend at Lake Tahoe
   Lila's Bridal Shower at Kim Pinkerton house
  Dinner at Aldo's and Colby's birthday

   Emily's Bridal Showers
   Lila's Bridal Shower at MacDonald's house
  Birthday celebration at the Gibsons

  49er exhibition game vs. San Diego Chargers

  Salt Lake City for Emily's wedding

   Emily/Patrick Wedding
  49er exhibition game vs. Denver Broncos

   Kevin/Lila Wedding
  49er game vs. Oakland Raiders

   Great America trip
  49er game vs. Atlanta Falcons

  Thanksgiving dinner at the Gibsons

  Christmas tree cutting at the Four Winds

   49er Game versus Chicago Bears

  Rotary Christmas dinner at the Country Club
   Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  Trip to Southern California