Last Update: 10/29/08

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a week in Kauai with Janice and Bill
  • Danielle Lee Dunn is born on May 29th
  • We celebrated Ciera's Third Birthday
  • We spent Fourth of July week at Lake Tahoe
  • Joyce and I spent a week at the Mayan Palace, Cancun with Rick and Lorraine
  • We celebrated Nicolas's Fourth Birthday
  • The announcement of three new births in 2008


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   Kevin's 36th Birthday
   Easter at Grandparents
   Heidi Baby Shower
   Heidi & Bryan Birthdays
   Kauai Vacation
   Kids Fishing Day
   Mothers Day at Cinnabar
   Barry's 28th Birthday Celebration

   Danielle Arrives
   Ciera's Third Birthday
   Father's Day at the Romero's
   Jodi and Rich Family Visit Danielle
   10th Anniversary in Las Vegas
   Fourth of July in Lake Tahoe
   Sunday Family Afternoon
   Colby's 36th Birthday Celebration

   Five Birthdays at ASRC
   Ciera Visit Grandparents for Over Two Weeks
   Sherry and Others Camping at Sunset Beach

   Emily, Patrick and Ryan Visit San Jose
   Labor Day Weekend in Lake Tahoe
   49ers Tailgate vs Arizona Cardinals

   Going to Dinner with the Romero's and Miller's

   49ers Tailgate

   Joyce's Birthday Brunch

   Cancun Vacation at the Mayan Palace
   49ers Tailgate vs St. Louis Rams

   Christmas Tree Cutting
   Thanksgiving on Saturday
   Nicolas's Fourth Birthday
   San Francisco 49er Game

   Nicolas's Pre-School Performance & Other Activities
   Ciera with Gibby help mom and grandma with Christmas Cookies

   Christmas Morning at Nicolas's House

   Christmas Eve dinner as part of the total Christmas Activities
   New Year's Eve at Harrah's South Tahoe