Last Update: 01/02/10

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a week at the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta with Colby, Courtney, Ciera and Summer in January
  • Jake celebrated his first birthday at Jake's Play Lot on April 5th
  • Danielle celebrated her second birthday at Cahalan Park on May 30th (day after her birthday)
  • Ciera celebrated her fifth birthday at home and Fowler Park in June
  • Summer celebrated her first birthday at home in June
  • Tyler celebrated his first birthday at his grandparents on July 11th
  • Joyce and Jerry vacationed at the Kona Coast Resort in Hawaii with Janice, Bill and Tyler in November


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   Christmas Day
   Tuesday Morning with the Gang

   Sunday Visit to Redwood City
   Cherry's Lunch Party

   Amador City Weekend
   49er Tailgate Party

   Christmas Tree Cutting in Santa Cruz Mountains
   Thanksgiving at the Gibson's
   Hawaii Vacation
   Tuesday Morning in the Backyard

   Halloween Trick or Treatin' with Ciera, Summer and Jake
   Haunted House in San Mateo
   Lunch at Il Fornaio's Celebrating Madeline's Life
   Joyce's Birthday Brunch Celebration

   49er Tailgate Parties

   Ciera, Summer and Jake Attend the Almaden Rotary Picnic

   Danielle, Jake and Summer on Tuesday Morning

   Jessica and Brad Get Married
   Kerry and Jeff Get Married
   Multiple Birthdays Bar-B-Que
   Another Tuesday Morning at the Park
   Tuesday Morning at the Park
   Jerry's Birthday Celebration
   Trip to Stanley, Idaho
   Tyler's First Birthday
   Fathers Day Celebrations
   Ciera's 5th Birthday Party with School Friends
   Ciera's and Summer's Birthday Celebrations
   Danielle's Second Birthday
   Easter Sunday
   Easter Egg Hunt
   Jake's First Birthday Celebration
   Kevin's 38th Birthday
   Nicolas and Tyler Visit Indio with Parents and Grandparents
   Visit to Southern California
   A Family Sunday Gathering

   Stephany's Wedding in Salt Lake City

   Grand Mayan Vacation at Nuevo Vallarta