Last Update: 03/14/19

Highlights for the year are:
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a week in Nuevo Vallarta and attended Greg and Anne's Wedding in Puerto Vallarta
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a long weekend in Moab, Utah with friends, Janice and Bill
  • Heidi and Dan are married at the Cinnabar Hills Country Club
  • Barry graduated from University of Penn
  • Bryan was given a surprise 30th birthday party
  • Ciera celebrated her first birthday
  • We celebrated the Fourth at Lake Tahoe
  • We celebrated five birthdays at the ASRC
  • Joyce and Jerry joined Colby, Courtney and Ciera in Ashland
  • Joyce and Jerry with family and friends enjoyed a Mexico cruise
  • Nicolas celebrated his second birthday
  • All the Christmas activities have come and gone


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   Greg and Anne Wedding
   Moab Trip
   Dunn Wedding
   Easter at Gibson's
   Laura, Fay, Roseanne and Ed

   Bryan's Surprise 30th Birthday
   Bryan's 30th Birthday Party
   Heidi's 32nd Birthday
   All the Mothers celebrated Mother's Day at the Gartin house. While the focus of attention was on the mothers, it wasn't hard to see that Nicolas and Ciera had their moments.
   University of Penn Graduation
   Memorial Day
   Barry's Birthday/Graduation
   Ciera's First Birthday
   Visit with Dylon James and Family
   Fathers Day
   Ciera's Day Care Bar-B-Que
   Visit to Bonfante Gardens
   Fourth in Lake Tahoe
   Five Birthdays Celebrated
   Ashland Trip to Shakespeare Festival
   Salt Lake/Las Vegas Trip
   Photos of Kimball Cousin Party taken by Fay

   Family Sunday Brunch
   Joyce and Jerry attended Mary Carl's 60th birthday at the Clos LaChance Winery

   Mexico Cruise
   Nicolas Second Birthday
   Christmas Activities