Last Update: 11/01/15

  Highlights for the year are:
  • The announcement by Bryan and Shannon of a new addition
  • Hawaii vacation in February
  • Nuevo Vallarta vacation in May
  • Lake Tahoe birthday vacation in August
  • The arrival of Mason Cade Gartin
  • Nuevo Vallarta vacation in September


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   Christmas Day Activities
   Wayne and Tikie enjoyed Christmas Eve with family
   Bryan receives his kegorator a day early

   Christmas Cookie Decorating
   Disneyland Trip for Ciera's Performance
   Weekend in Amador City
   Nicolas celebrating his birthday at a Japanese restaurant

   Saturday Thanksgiving Dinner
   More tree cutting in the Santa Cruz Mountains

   Christmas Tree Cutting with Colby, Courtney, Ciera and Summer
   Family on Halloween Night
   Family Photos of eighteen members
   Trip to Ventura to celebrate my mom's 90th birthday

Koi pond in front of Sue's house in Santa Paula
   Dinner at BJ's

   Rick, Lorraine, Joyce and I vacationed in Nuevo Vallarta
   Ciera and Summer enjoyed a Disneyland Trip
   The Arrival of Mason Cade Gartin
   Celebrating two birthdays at Outback Restaurant

   Lake Tahoe Special Birthdays Celebration Vacation
   Auburn lunch stop for Kevin's family on way to Lake Tahoe
   Tyler's Birthday Party Celebration
   Ciera and Summer's Swim Birthday Party Celebration
   Tuesday morning with Danielle and Summer

   Action Day School Play with Ciera, Summer, Danielle, Colby and Courtney
   Shannon's Baby Shower
   Danielle's Birthday Party
   Venice Beach on a visit with Barry

The girl has her entire left leg tatooed in pastel purple
   Nuevo Vallarta Vacation
   Lila, Kevin, Nicolas & Tyler joined Rick and Lorraine in Indio
   Tuesday morning with Danielle and Summer

   Mother's Day
   Jake's birthday party
   Ciera, Summer, Nicolas and Tyler at Nicolas's school carnival
   Celebrating Heidi's birthday at Outback

   Las Vegas trip to celebrate my dad's 91st

   All the Easter weekend activities
   Easter morning egg hunting at Jake's

   Summer, Jake and Danielle are decorating Easter eggs

   Summer and Jake are Easter egg hunting at a San Jose park

   Tuesday Morning with Danielle, Jake & Summer
   Disneyland Trip
   Celebrating Kevin's birthday

   Snow in Redwood City

   Bryan and Shannon are having a BOY!!

   Some More of Danielle, Jake and Summer on Tuesday Morning

   Danielle, Jake and Summer on Tuesday Morning

   Kevin, Lila and Nicolas in Lake Tahoe on President's Weekend
   Hawaii Vacation
   Ciera and Summer at the park

   Danielle, Jake and Summer on Tuesday Morning

   Bryan and Shannon are expecting in August