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   Gibson Appraisal dinner at Le Papillon

   SF 49er game against New York Giants

   Stephany's birthday party
   Club Velas in Puerto Vallarta
   Reno Fun Train
   Kevin's Birthday
   A trip to Santa Paula

   Easter Sunday at the Gartins

   Heidi's Birthday
   Joyce was surprised by Barry when he showed up on Mother's Day, a couple of days earlier than planned. Click on the first photo to see the day's activities as a slide show.

   Barry's sendoff at the Gibson's

   Lake Tahoe visit

   Carolyn/Fred family at Samuel's Wedding
   Father's Day was spent at Heidi and Dan's house. See Heidi's new hairstyle.
   July 4th in Lake Tahoe
   Tony's (next door neighbor) 40th birthday

   Colby's Birthday
   Philadelphia Visit
   Sonograms of Baby Gibson

   Colby/Courtney Anniversary
   Jerry's Birthday
   The girls painting tiles at Oakridge

   Ashland trip
   Spa Lifting into Backyard
   A couple of events in Lake Tahoe

   SF 49ers tailgate vs. Chicago Bears

   SF 49ers tailgate vs. Cleveland Browns

   SF 49ers tailgate vs. Detroit Lions

   Dan and Heidi move into their townhouse

   Bryan painting his condo

   Joyce's birthday at BJ's restaurant

   Lila's Baby Shower
   Oahu Vacation
   Bryan's new condo

   Madeline's 89th Birthday
   Cheerleader Shannon at a San Jose State game

   Christmas tree cutting

  Courtney's first sonogram
   Nicolas Jeremy is Here
   Lila's 31st Birthday
   SF 49ers tailgate vs. Arizona

  Dinner at Bryan's condo
   Christmas cookie decorating at Sherry's

   Christmas cookie decorating at Grandma's

   Christmas Activities
   Christmas dinner at the Romero's

   SF 49ers tailgate vs. Seattle Seahawks

   Visit to Santa Paula