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    Snow on Mount Umunhum

   Visit with Gary and Val

   Santa Paula/Oxnard trip
   Justin's first birthday

   Fun Train to Reno
   McKenzie visits for a couple of days

   We visited Kevin and Lila's new puppy, Kia

   Olympics in Salt Lake City
   Kia visits our house

   Weekend trip to Lake Tahoe

   Lake Tahoe trip with Rick, Lorraine, Dave and Evelyn

   Trip to Napa Valley and Kendall Jackson Winery

   Celebrate Kevin's birthday on Easter Sunday

   Heidi's 29th Birthday
   Lake Tahoe Trip
   Almaden Valley Rotary Charter Party

   Mothers Day
   Maui Vacation
   Fathers Day
   Trip to Santa Paula and Oxnard
   Jason's wedding in San Diego

  Jerry, Bruce & Jeff at the All Star Football Game
   Colby's Birthday party
   Bike ride with William and Bill

   July 4th at Lake Tahoe

   Dan and Courtney's birthday

   Ashland Oregon Trip
   Jerry's birthday dinner at Il Fornaio

   Alaska Vacation

  ASRC 4.0 men's tennis team
   MacKenzie's first birthday

   Visit with Barry in Philadelphia

   49er game against Arizona

   Joyce's birthday dinner

   Thanksgiving dinner at the Gartins
   49er game against Philadelphia

   Madeline's birthday at home

   49er game against Kansas City

   49er game against Green Bay

   Xmas tree cutting in the mountains

   49er game against Seattle

   Christmas celebration
   Trip to Southern California