Last Update: 03/08/11

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Joyce and Jerry spent a week at the Grand Mayan south of Cancun with Colby, Courtney, Ciera and Summer in February
  • Jake celebrated his 2nd birthday in April
  • Joyce, Jerry and friends cruised the Mediterranean Sea in May
  • Danielle celebrated her 3rd birthday in May
  • Summer celebrated her 2nd birthday in June
  • Ciera celebrated her 6th birthday in June
  • Family and friends camped out in Ashland, Oregon over the Fourth of July week
  • Tyler celebrated his 2nd birthday in July


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   Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day and Day After Christmas
   Christmas Cookie Cutting and Decorating
   Tuesday Morning at the Mall with Danielle, Summer and Jake

   Colby and Courtney's Christmas Photos

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   Amador City Weekend
   Christmas Tree Cutting in Santa Cruz Mountains
   Kevin and Lila in San Francisco for Thanksgiving
   Rainbows, the one good thing at the next week's 49er game

   49er Tailgate with Heidi and Bryan

   Colby, Courtney, Ciera and Summer in Mexico

   Arrival of Kenzi Ava
   Halloween Night Trick or Treating
   49er Tailgate

   Family Saturday Activities

   Kevin and Lila Celebrated Their 10th Anniversary in Las Vegas
   Sunday Afternoon at Grandmas

   Labor Day at the Gartin Pool

   Nicolas and Tyler at Gilroy Gardens
   Tuesday Morning with Jake, Summer and Danielle

   Birthdays Bar-B-Que
   Tyler's 2nd Birthday Party
   Ashland Campout
   Anniversary Trip to Las Vegas

   Fathers Day at the Grandparents
   Tuesday Morning with Danielle, Ciera and Summer

   Lila, Nicolas & Tyler in Indio with Rick and Lorraine
   Summer and Ciera celebrated their birthdays at home

   Ciera's Performance in Her School Play
   Tuesday Morning with Jake, Summer and Danielle

   Danielle's Third Birthday Party
   Mediterranean Cruise
   Easter Celebration
   Jake's Second Birthday
   Kevin's Birthday at the Elephant Bar
   Tuesday Morning with Danielle, Summer and Jake

   Sunday Morning with the Gang
   Shark Night at the HP Pavilion

   Kevin Family Lake Tahoe Trip
   Cancun Vacation
   Pizza Party with the Rotary Club at Round Table

   Saturday Morning with the Gang