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   Christmas day present opening
   Christmas morning at the Dunn house

   Christmas cookie decorating with seven grandchildren
   SF 49er tailgate and San Diego Charger game

   Christmas tree cutting in the Santa Cruz mountains

   SF 49er tailgate against Washington Redskins

   Bocce Ball event at Campo de Bocce

   Heidi and I at a SF 49er tailgate and St. Louis Ram game

   Halloween Night
   Joyce's birthday and family photos
   Joyce and I at a SF 49er tailgate and Kansas City Chiefs game

   SF 49er tailgate and Philadelphia Eagle game

   SF 49er stadium tour with Paul and Norma Uenaka
   SF 49er tailgate and opening game against Chicago Bears

   Garage sale on Trevino and Tracey's birthday

   SF 49ers second preseason game

   SF 49ers practice session

   SF 49ers first preseason game

   Oscar's birthday party at Clos LaChance

   Mason's 3rd birthday party
   Tuesday morning at Jake's Playground

  Tuesday morning after miniature golf
   Fourth of July in Capitola

   Mediterranean Cruise
   Tyler's 6th birthday party
   Las Vegas Trip
   Ciera at her KAR dance competition

   Half Moon Bay with the Romeros and Millers

   Tuesday morning grandkids at Color Me Mine

   CPA Performance
   Danielle's 7th birthday party

  A trip to Capitola

   Mothers Day
   Dad's Memorial Service
   Danielle's southland trip
   Easter egg decorating, hunting and a play
   Jake's 6th birthday party
   Danielle playing softball
   Moab Trip
   Kids playing ring around the coffee table