Last Update: 01/30/17

  Highlights for the year are:
  • Nuevo Vallarta vacation in May


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   Christmas present opening at the grandparents
   Christmas morning at Danielle's

   Christmas Eve at the Gartins

   Farewell tailgate and game at Candlestick Park
   Decorating Christmas cookies
   Disneyland Trip with the Dance Cats
   Trip to Amador
   Trip to Kauai
   Halloween trick or treating
   Family Photos
   Joyce's birthday celebration

   Panama Canal Vacation
   Concert at Clos La Chance with Bryan and Shannon

   SF 49ers game versus Green Bay Packers
   A tour with Barry of the Holocaust Museum and some exhibits by his architecture firm

   Mason's 2nd birthday celebration
   Dan's birthday

 Joyce at Mel's with the "girls"

   Tuesday morning with the grandkids

   Tyler's 5th birthday celebration
   Mason, Jake, Ciera and Summer at Starbucks

   Ciera's and Summer's Birthday Celebration
   Ciera's and Summer's CPA Performance
   Danielle's 6th birthday celebration
   Nuevo Vallarta Vacation

   Dinner for twelve at Il Fornaio restaurant - Books Aloud raffle won by the Uenaka's
   Trip to Napa

   Heidi's 40th birthday celebration at Great America Park
   The second day of my dad's visit with the whole gang
   Dad, Cindy and Karen's visit to San Jose
   Jake's 5th birthday celebration at the Jumpy House
   Jake's birthday celebration at Grandmas

   Joyce and I attended Brian O'Neill's 60th birthday


   Joyce at a book signing with Rita Moreno
   Easter egg hunting at the grandparents
   Easter egg decorating

   Joyce and I were in Napa for the Rotary District Conference
   Sunday afternoon at the grandparents