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   Christmas Events
   Elaine's Celebration
   Nicolas, Tyler & Summer at San Mateo ice rink

   Sunday morning coffee after Thanksgiving

   Thanksgiving at the Gibsons

   Two neighbor's birthdays

   Halloween Celebrations

  Joyce's birthday cakes
   Jake, Mason, Summer and Kenzi at Simonds Walkathon


  Joyce and Lorraine enjoying some of their favorite activities

  Grandma and Summer relaxing in the backyard
   First four days in Kauai
   Last six days in Kauai

  Cousins enjoying some pool time

  A trip to Capitola
   Birthday cake for neighbor Tony

   Fathers Day and two birthdays

 Mom takes a break with dad from sitting on the nest

 Quiet time for babysitting grandfather

 Tommy awarded on his 7th grade graduation
   Salt Lake City trip for Ryan's wedding
   Rick and Lorraine visit Joyce in the hospital

  Celebrating Elaine's 90th birthday

   In Remembrance of Alva Jane Ashby

   In Remembrance of Alva Jane Ashby

   Bryan, Shannon, Jake and Mason at Disneyland

   Bryan, Shannon, Jake and Mason at Big Sur

   Scott's 40th birthday wine tour
   Tyler's First Communion

  Danielle, the cooking looks good!
   Easter at the Gibsons

  Professional railroad track
   Grandparents day at Nicolas's school


  Lorraine & Joyce at Celia's Restaurant
   Warrior game with Paul and Norma Uenaka

   Evelyn, Lorraine & Joyce at Graton Casino